About me

About me

Watching the horses
Grazing in the prarie

Caring for them
In their boxes

Riding them
In the wild

And dreaming…

My childhood was blessed
With horses

Great riders
And above all

a fleeky ringmaster…

This site is in their humble memory
And to all those who share the same passion

For the love of CHWALS

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Feel free to add your comments or experience

Thank you!


About me
for the love of Chwals


For the love of horsesAll about them!

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4 replies on “About me”

Well it’s great to meet you and it’s great to be introduced to your site! 

I was lucky enough to grow up with horses in South Wales (UK) throughout my childhood, my mother had a big, big passion for them but eventually stopped owning them after the upset of them getting old etc. 

Looking forward to going through your pages and reliving some old memories. 

Great site, 


Hi Chris

Animals grow old indeed, just like us… and there comes  moment that the care for such animals is beyond our own possibilities. Yes, must have been hard for your mother to let them go… Did she ever considder a horse club? Or perhaps she ran one?

Thank you for sharing


Anytime I see anything about poem, I am always thrilled. I love listening and reading poems because anytime I do, it lifts my spirit emotionally

I know it isn’t easy for poets to compose poems but what I love the most is how they have their way with words. The poem “about me” really made my day. Thanks for the love of poem you have

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