Genius Horse Painting

The disaster of war and hatred

Genius Horse painting

Horses were painted
all over the centuries.

And some became more famous
than their painters

The first painting
That comes to mind is Guernica

Where Picasso depicts
the bombing of Guernica,
a northern Spanish town
by the Nazis in 1937

A twisted, agonising horse,
pierced by a spear.
with suffering townspeople all around

A human skull hidden
in the shape of the horse’s nostrils and teeth.

A warning for mankind
If we dare to listen 

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A video

Guernica in 3D

For the love of horsesAll about them!

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By Fleeky One

Running around like a free horse.

Free to go wherever I want. Unbound.
Untamed and yet tuned to higher rules.

For the love of Chwals

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