What our prayer is not

What our prayer is not

When God answers our prayer,
we do not envision
a flaming war chariot
with fiery horses.

What does that mean?
Agreed, it is an enigmatic quote! And as many quotes it needs to be placed in culture and time. A time were drivers and chariots had supremacy on earth. The God of chariots! The God of victory! A battle of good against evil…

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The Wild horse


What our prayer is not
Chariots of fire


For the love of horsesAll about them!

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By Fleeky One

Running around like a free horse.

Free to go wherever I want. Unbound.
Untamed and yet tuned to higher rules.

For the love of Chwals

6 replies on “What our prayer is not”

This is so unusual,

What a great site to find, I love reading your articles and horse anecdotes.

You are right of course in saying that ancient prayers and quotes (as well as modern ones ) are completely open to interpretation and in modern times those sayings are now out of context therefore we understand them differently to how they were originally meant.

A good read


Haha I love this site, thank you for so much inspiration on one site…I am bookmarking it right now for me to follow. Please add me your mail list for follow ups on your horsing stories. Thank you.

Hi Saane,

Welcome… glad you liked my stories and quotes.
Horses are great teachers, and so are donkeys.
A story between men and annimals over the centuries and on earth.

Thank you for encouraging me to have a mailing list.
Have to think about that one…

Being a poet… I enjoy a free audience.
Come back wHen you want to and just grasp what you need.
And check some of my referrals.

Take care of your self
You are very precious


Nice quote I haven’t ever heard of that one.  At first, I thought of it all wrong.  Meaning, I thought we were awarded a flaming war chariot with fiery horses.

But, to be honest with you it’s always nice to get things that we have been praying for.  Not material things, but things that can’t be explained.

Hi Garen

The victory over evil is ours… and it is a battle indeed…  

the oir father is a great prayer for all our needs. 

And yes, material things are included also, like daily bread. I love thanksgiving before every meal and to aknowledge the heavenly Father for that. 

Thank you for your kind comment


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